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Like just about everything else these days, insurance premiums cost more than they did a few years ago. Expensive television commercials for the major brands…


At Advantage Group, our agents are trained specialists in all types of business insurance. We have the breadth and depth of expertise to understand your needs…


At The Advantage Group, we understand the importance of bonds for licensed contractors. You need various bonds to show evidence that you operate…


Maryland Business & Personal Insurance: Time to Save Some Money

Your evolving insurance needs call for an insurance agency you can count on. The Advantage Group, Inc. serves Westminster area residents and business owners as your “go-to” local expert for first-rate, affordable auto insurance, home insuranceMaryland Contractor Bonds and business insurance.

We’re independent and work a number of insurance companies, so we have the leverage and freedom to select insurance policies and solutions that best fit your needs and budget. Should you need personal insurance, nobody gives you a stronger advantage than…Advantage.

For growing firms, our highly trained business insurance pros can help with just the right general liability, workers compensation coverage, property or rental insurance, business auto, or contractor surety bond.

All your coverages managed by the same team of professionals. That makes sense.