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Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers

As a business that sells or distributes goods that were originally produced by another business, you’re at risk to some unique exposures. Let’s consider the following…


  • Who is responsible for goods moving in and out of your facility?
  • When using contract or common carriers, what are their responsibilities and obligations?
  • In the event of a loss while goods are in transit, what happens if you can’t collect from another party who may have been responsible?

Variable Inventories

Your inventories fluctuate. During peak seasons you may be required to store more inventory, while during off-seasons you may store less. Is your insurance plan set up so that you have only as much coverage as you need, without having too much or too little?

Vendors Liability

Your customer may request to be named as an insured on your policy. Or, you may want to be named on a vendor’s policy. How do you accommodate for this — Product Change or Modification? Sometimes you alter a manufactured product in a way that increases or decreases your risk exposure. How do you find a flexible policy that can increase or decrease coverage that is in sync with your risk?

Advantage is your solution.

At the Advantage Group, Inc., we’re accustomed to handling these types of situations and have several programs you can use to manage your exposure in different situations. Call or email us, or use the form on this page to set up a no-obligation call or meeting in which we can answer all your questions.