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Boat Insurance

You love spending the day on your boat, taking your family and friends out for a ride and picnic. But a picture-perfect day can be ruined by an unforeseen accident. Not only do you have to worry whether someone is injured, but you also need to be concerned about medical expenses, boat repairs — and even litigation should an accident occur. At Advantage, we’ve got you covered. Our boat insurance plans are designed to provide you with protection against all kinds of unexpected loss and damage. Having an accident is bad enough, but with the right insurance solution, you can keep your losses at bay.

Coverage for what matters most

Our boat insurance plans include features that are important to you:

  • Full value coverage of your boat in the event there is a total loss
  • All-risk coverage on the trailer, hull and machinery, rigging, tender, outboards and personal effects
  • Volunteer medical payment coverage
  • Liability coverage should you be using a boat that’s not yours
  • Physical damage coverage
  • Special coverages such as Skippered Chartering
  • Reasonable deductibles designed to help lower premiums
  • Immediate, responsive service from us, your insurance agent

We’ll keep you out of rough waters…

Boating is something you enjoy and worked hard to attain. We’ll work equally as hard to ensure that you continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Give us a call to take a look at your current policy or for a free quote on one of ours. You can also email us, or fill out the convenient form on this page. Get the coverage you need today.